Irene, Volkswagen Type 2 Bay window Brazilian campervan

Irene, Volkswagen Type 2 Bay window Brazilian campervan

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Last one of the trip.....

Treat for the poorly girl in hospital in Portsmouth

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Salzburg was beautiful!!! Unfortunately Daisy became quite feverish when she should have been shaking her off her cold. We took her to hospital in Salzburg where the health care was impeccable. She developed a swelling on her face which they thought was mumps and did some tests. We returned the following day for further blood tests. The Doc said she was on the mend and we could probably continue but we had already decided to come home. We left last Thursday and arrived in Portsmouth Friday morning. She has been in hospital since Friday night and is having IV antibiotics for an infected lymph gland (happens spontaneously sometimes after a cold). She is still smiling and is quite chipper in herself.
We had a brilliant time and will continue the trip one this space!
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