Irene, Volkswagen Type 2 Bay window Brazilian campervan

Irene, Volkswagen Type 2 Bay window Brazilian campervan

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Last one of the trip.....

Treat for the poorly girl in hospital in Portsmouth

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Salzburg was beautiful!!! Unfortunately Daisy became quite feverish when she should have been shaking her off her cold. We took her to hospital in Salzburg where the health care was impeccable. She developed a swelling on her face which they thought was mumps and did some tests. We returned the following day for further blood tests. The Doc said she was on the mend and we could probably continue but we had already decided to come home. We left last Thursday and arrived in Portsmouth Friday morning. She has been in hospital since Friday night and is having IV antibiotics for an infected lymph gland (happens spontaneously sometimes after a cold). She is still smiling and is quite chipper in herself.
We had a brilliant time and will continue the trip one this space!
Thanks for following xxxx

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Wien continued

Neat bearded Denmeister, shame about the face! (Expression of course)
One of Daisy's favourite past times

Irene having a rest in the carpark (we just went to check she was still there!)

Melon for breaky after shreddies!

Chunky thighs and strong legs

With Pappy in the Park

Seeing the sights

Having a coffee


Loving Vienna. Daisy is getting over her cold and is cheering up. She was belly lauging loads tonight when I was tickling her. We have had a lazy Sunday with a late morning snooze, nice walk and food. Daisy also has her appetite back. Last day tomorrow before we are off to Saltzburg Tuesday. Oh, and the yeti beard has gone!


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Friday, 1 October 2010

Aaaaaaaaaaaaah Vienna

Some grand building in Vienna
Stefans Cathedral
Some random fountain
Crazy creature
and again
One of the many grand buildings
Good old Mozart

Gruss Gott aus Wien.

Hi folks, in Vienna now, apartment, cheaper all in than the campsite and 20 mins from the town centre.
Had a walk into town today, fesh but nice and sunny. Daisy seems to be getting over her cold we think, well she is certainly better. More city stuff tomorrow, then maybe head out on a tour of something or other. Heaps to see in Vienna, 5 days wouldn't be enough but recommended to you all for a wee break!
Anyway, just a quick post. Will catch up with you all again soon.
Love us xx

Innsbruck Photos


Photo 1- Daisy the happy hippy. We took the belt off her trousers then just as Denni put it away we both had the same thought of the ninja headband. Does that make us cruel parents?

2- Us with colds

3- Daisy standing up in her car seat, having a stetch.

4- On the road with toy socks to entertain her

5-Denni and the golden roof in Innsbruck

6- An actual dog shower at the campsite

7- View from the campsite showers / toilets

8- Dasiy in the modern deep and narrow baby bath in the campsite shower block

9- The campsite

10- Mad cow

11- Bearded yeti on the loose in the hills

Cant seem to type these in between the photos and may come out underlined. Not quite sure why, oh well x