Irene, Volkswagen Type 2 Bay window Brazilian campervan

Irene, Volkswagen Type 2 Bay window Brazilian campervan

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

A wee update

Cuddle time


Daisy has figured out she can pull Papa's beard

Cool shades!

My lovely ladies :0)

Smiley creatures

Daisy having a kip on the shores of the Lake

Anna and Daisy on the bridge in Annecy

Self portrait

Daisy and her preferred mode of travel

Chunky little monkey....and Daisy! Wack wack oops.

Daisy and Ewan McGregor ;0)

Anna and Daisy and Lake Geneva

The view over Lake Annecy

Anna and Pierre the Parasending pilot

Irene and Lake Annecy

We are having to spend another week here in Annecy (not complaining!) as we discovered that one of the pipes carrying fuel had badly corroded and the bus was smelling badly of petrol.

Amazingly enough, about half a mile away we found a proper old skool VW garage full of Bay windows, Golfs, Porsche and some funky looking trucks which I'll take a piccie of when the bus is fixed.

Daisy has now decided that as soon as she is laid down, to flip onto her front and prefers trying to stand up rather than sit down, she has come on quite a bit in the 2 weeks we have been away. And of course she is chunking up! She loves croissants and pan au chocolat! She has a new habit of smiling for the camera and is very chatty. Her first proper swim was in the campsite swimming pool, pics to follow.

Anyway back to the holiday. Some piccies above of our recent trips out and about, weather still in the high 20's although cold at night. It would appear that all Japanese tourists we have seen seem to think Denni is Ewan McGregor! They asked for his photo and autograph and were a bit deflated when it turned out it actually wasn't him!


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  2. its fliss actually!

    Hope you are all well, we are all super jealous here!
    all good back in yorkshire, charlie sends big hugs and kisses for his birthday money ehich he spent at lego land! Great weekend but all shattered now!
    Lola is loving it at big girl school. she has had school dinners today so i wonder if she needs another clean uniform on!?!?!?!
    Joe working like a mad man and busy planning our london trip at crimbo!
    All good for me too! loved having some mummy time last week for the first time in 9 years and have some more on thursday too!
    Big hugs from all us

    The France Posse!

  3. Hey irene Crew - Cousin Matt here!

    Looks like you're all having a marvelous time! some lovely photos, keep them coming! it's been 6 days since your VW garage post so im assuming you're on the way again. look forward to hearing more

    Lots of love from Amy and me xx

  4. Are you going anywhere near Arras ?? You all look so so happy. Used any med kit yet ??? Loves ya x