Irene, Volkswagen Type 2 Bay window Brazilian campervan

Irene, Volkswagen Type 2 Bay window Brazilian campervan

Thursday, 30 September 2010

Just to let you know what we have been up to this week....

Sitting up all by her little self :0)

First taste of Spaghetti in Verona

Verona centre square and Coliseum

Romeo and Juliets balcony

Papa and Daisy, Lake Garda

2 favorite things, her Taggi and Sophie the Giraffe

Sirmione Castle
On the ferry to Sirmione

A Bay window parked up in Garda
Lake Garda
and again...
and again, this time with food!
Sunset over Lake Garda
Prisoner campsite, Lake Crappy Como

The view of the Lake from Stalag Como

Greetings blog followers,

Well, since the last blog posting, we have been to Lake Garda and stayed at the La Rocca campsite which is halfway between Bardolino and Garda town, and it is fab! Great location at the edge of the lake, a lot of people about but you don’t feel too overwhelmed with it. A short lakeside walk to both Bardolino or Garda and 4 nights here costs a measly £65 (ish), bargain. Highly recommended to you all for a holiday.

Weather was 28- 32 degrees. Went into Garda and Bardolina on Wednesday for a womble and it was nice and warm at night for Daisy. We sat and had a brew/ Soave at the lakeside and people watched; some good mullets and glam about. We saw another bay window parked up, so have posted a pic (haven‘t seen that many since starting the trip). Anna did her bit for the budget by drinking lots of Soave as it was the local veno and cheaper than coke!

We have started buying cheesy stickers which are currently all going onto our mobile coolbox, looks well chavvy so far. Will post a pic as it becomes more chavmeister. (Denni gets very excited about the stickers!).

Went to Sermione on Thursday, a lake side village on the south side, very hot and touristy but again very nice. Then we went to Verona on Friday and had a wee look round, lovely place. Honestly, It’s a hectic life!

We then drove up through Northern Italy on Saturday, up through the wine/castle regions and then through part of the Dolomite mountain range, through the Stubai Alps and we are now sat in a wee holiday flat at the Natterersee campsite just outside Innsbruck. We did hire a holiday caravan on Saturday night, but it is quite cold here and Daisy has a cold and the caravan is really only built for summer use so we traded up for the apartment. They had snow here last week and it went down to about minus 2 already and will only get colder. Bit overcast which was a shame as we are surrounded by the Stubai Alps, just can’t see them!

Will try and post more video’s of Daisy as it is a better representation of her being feisty/happy/grumpy/chunky//cute/tired (or all of those at the same time) than a photo. She has been enjoying herself, coping well with the heat and generally being on the move most of the time, she is just a wee bit down in the dumps at the mo and under the weather with a cold.

Anyway, hope all is good with everyone, and will catch up with you all again soon.
Love Den, Anna, Daisy and Irene xx

PS: A wee special hello to Capt Mcstickio. Hope all is good and you’re not too tired/bored/overworked already. J

PPS: We have just arrived in Vienna (Thursday 30th) and will post another catch up with fots from Innsbruck as we have t’internet.

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  1. Ahhhhh, special hello back!!!! I am indeed all of the above but revision is keeping me out of trouble. Looks like you're all having an awesome time- swap for a day?! xx